How to Turn Traffic into Sales

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Hi everyone,

Im new to eccomerce and I just openened my first niche store.

Im having a tough time getting any sales at all and want to know how to turn traffic into sales.

Currently, I've managed to get my daily traffic to about 400 user per day.

One major issue I see is that people normally visit the home page and never even click on my products tab to view what I have.

Even fewer people actually select any of my products and read the description. 

I would love for you guys to take a look at my site and give me any feedback you think would be helpful.

I would also love to be mentored from an expirience eccomerce vet !


Thanks Guy !!

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Hey there!

Welcome to the world of e-commerce and congratulations on your first store!

First of all, 400 users per day for a 3 week old store is very good! Don't get discouraged if your first couple of rounds of Facebook ads haven't resulted in many conversions. Let me shed some light on why that might be:

Brand recognition: It normally take about 6-7 times for a potential consumer to be exposed to a brand or product before they buy it. This means that regular and consistent ads to the same demographics are more effective than sporadic, large scale add campaigns, that are less frequent. 

Consumer brand engagement: People are more likely to buy from you if they feel engaged with your brand. This could be through social media or in person. Get your Facebook fans engaged with your Facebook page, find a good balance of brand related posts, and non-brand related posts. The more interesting the content on your Facebook page, the more followers you are likely to gain. 

This is an amazing blog post that talks about turning Shoppers into Buyers. It is just one of the many in depth marketing blogs that Shopify has created to inform our merchants!

As you begin exploring new marketing strategies, rely heavily on your analytics to tell you what works and what's not, but also consider getting some softer data like customer feedback. Getting customer feedback can help you to spot changes you should make that aren't necessarily easy to read over analytics. 

Best of luck with your new business and come back to these forums for lots of great tips and ideas!

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Hey there!

If you're looking to increase conversions, I'd recommend using Savy. Check it out here:

Savy converts window shoppers into email leads and paying customers by providing crucial willingness to pay data about your products. I'd liken Savy to a glorified wishlist button, but instead of simply entering an email, window shoppers also get to enter a price they're willing to pay for items they're interested in; we email them if their item hits their price. We've seen that if a window shopper's price point is met, there's a 90% chance that they'll buy!

Also, we recently introduced our Savy Partner Program. If we really love your store and see that you're an active user of the Savy app, we'll invite you to join! Perks include ongoing social media features for your products, store profiles on our blog & access to hundreds of Savy users.

Oh also, the Savy app is completely free! Feel free to shoot any questions my way :)

Good luck!