How to achieve a discount of Buy 1 get 1 50% off allowed the products in same collection group?

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I want to run the automatic discount in the two different collections.

For example.. Buy 1 get 1 50% off in 3D Puzzle collection, Buy 1 get 1 50% off in Figure collection separately.

Since Shopify allows only one automatic discount I can't create multiple rules, so I have to put both collections under the discount rule that cause the issue of separating the discount from both collections.

For example If customer add one 3d puzzle and one figure to cart, the discount applies combination of two different collections... Because shopify limits on creating multiple automatic discounts, I wonder I can achieve this by edit codes or any other suggestions? 

I hope shopify allows the multiple rules on automatic discounts at the beginning without limitation.


Since Shopify only allows 1 discount redeemed at a time, you can only separate them into 2 orders

If the item prices of 3D Puzzle and Figure are more or less the same, you can try to set up a BXGY discount. Buy 2 3D Puzzles, Get 2 Figures for free, or vice versa. So the offer can be across the collections. 

If you insist on BOGO for both collections, you can consider my bundle app, BYOB. It can allow you to set up buy any 2 products in 3D Puzzle, buy any 2 products in Figure, get a 50% off discount. The bundle appears as a standalone product under a collection. So I am not sure it's 100% ok for you. But you can try it if you like. We do offer a free plan. 


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