How to add Trust Badges as a different element in Product Page

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Hi, community! 
I have a question:Снимок экрана 2020-05-18 в 10.19.31.png
I need to make trust badges like on this site (DEBUT THEME):

First I need two grey line, which will separate this block from others. This block should be after Add To Cart button.

The ridge wallet site has four badges, but I need only 3, that’s why last bullet (24/7 Customer Support) should be in the center.
I hope you can help me!

PS. I found the code of trusted budges of the mentioned site, but have no idea where to put it in my code:

<ul> <li><img src="link for first icon> Life Time Guarantee</li> <li><img src="link for second icon"> Rfid-Blocking</li>

<li><img src="link for third icon"> Free Shipping &amp; Returns</li>



Hey @Andriypower,

I am not sure how to add it to the website using code but you can check out some of the trust badges apps available on the shopify app store. You can probably get the kind of arrangement you want using these. You can try the following apps:

- Ultimate Trust Badges: 

- Trust Hero:

- Coupo:

- Free Trust Badge:

most of these are free and offer a good deal of customization. Hope this helps. 

Talking about badges, I released a product badges app recently.  You can use labels such as trending, bestseller, sale, new, etc on your product images using this app. Labels would help you highlight your products using social proofing, trust & urgency, and let your customers choose quicker. Do share your feedback if you try it!

Click this link to download the app:

I hope the above points can help you. Cheers, and wish you all the best :)


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