How to add a calendar date picker as a variant on a specific product only - What is the Best App?

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Hi there, I just want to know which app is the most best for me to choose, I already checked,  installed all popular apps from the same treads, but it doesn't really fulfill my needs.

What I want is, to add a "delivery date picker" that will change depends on the product type, tags, collection. for example, I have to product collections: the "Basic Cakes", and "Fondant Cakes".

Basic cakes needs 3 days to prepare, so it must be 3 days advance on the date picker, same from the Fondant Cakes, but it should be 10 days advance, same in the most date pickers, you can set up the calendar advance for couple of days, and also disable dates that you don't want to be clickable by the customers., its like Infinite Options App. but they only offer limited field types, I also found an app called "Product Options and Customizer by SolveCircle". They do have the calendar - date picker as one of their field type options. but it is not customizable. like "Order Delivery Date Lite" 

Please Let me know whats the best app that fits my needs. I know theres a lot of online stores that has the same Idea that I have, and already implemented on their onlineshops.

Thanks again in Advance.

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I don't have a good app recommendation but my team has built custom calendars like this.

If you have an in-house dev, point them to the Jquery UI calendar picker, that's a good one:

That will take care of your date picker. Then to add to the order, I would use the Shopify ajax API and add the date as a line item property. Reference:

If you prefer to have this done for you, contact us at and we can show example + give a quote.

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