How to add options that don't depend on stock

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I am trying to sell a keyboard that I want to cap at 150 units. However, I can make it in whatever color the person selects, the only limitation is the maximum amount of keyboards. How do I set up options that don't need their own dedicated stock, and instead pull from the stock for the whole product?

Do I need an app for this, or is there something that I am missing within shopify?

Thanks for any help you can provide!

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Hello @AidanSmith459 

You want an colour option without it s own stock?

Can you please explain it in details.


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Yes exactly. I have 150 keyboards, and each of them can be whatever color the customer chooses. Currently I have only figured out how to set (for example) 50 to black, 20 to red, 20 to blue, etc.

What I want to do instead is have options that have different prices, but all draw from the same stock.

So 150 keyboards that can be black, red, blue, green. Rather than 50 black keyboard, 50 blue keyboards, 20 green keyboards, 30 red keyboards.

Additionally, I need some of the options to have cost increases, but to still use the same total stock of 150.

Does that make more sense?