How to allow orders on a Sunday, but not deliveries/collections

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I've asked Shopify support for a fix on this, and not got anywhere - I wondered if someone in the community might have come up with a solution  

I'm adding my Spanish Deli/Veg Shop. I want to allow customers to be able to order 24/7, but we don't get fresh produce deliveries on a Sunday - So, I'd like for anyone who orders on a Saturday or Sunday to be told at checkout that Monday will be the earliest next pick-up/delivery date. 

Is this possible? I'd prefer to avoid using additional apps, if possible. So far all I have come up with is putting a clunky note on the frontpage.

Thanks for any help any of you might be able to provide!

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Well modifying checkout is not possible for shopify customers that don't have plus account.

I think an announcement bar at the top of your website which appears only on Saturdays and Sundays which notify the customer that next pickup/delivery will be on Monday will be a fine.

This will require some custom developments on your website, your developer can help you on this.