How to automate distribution or set up a system as soon as customer places an order?

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Hi there, we are a business that turns people's photos into cartoon style and was wondering if there is a strategy or system to send order fulfillment details to our design team as soon as a customer places an order. We would also like to have a good system in place for our designers where they are able to track orders and have a timeline: 

  1. To-Do
  2. In Progress
  3. Submitted/Waiting approval by QA team
  4. Under Revision
  5. Complete

We also need to see how many orders our designers have completed so we can calculate their salary. And in need of a dashboard where we can track the status of proofs and upload proofs which will then be automatically sent to the customer for approval.

Please suggest solutions and any portals /platforms where designers can access order details (images & product variants). 

Many thanks.

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Hello Misosoup, 


I can assist you in achieving your requirement by creating an app which will include all your requirements. Kindly let me know if you are interested in using a custom app so that we will assist you further on it. 

Kindly DM me your thoughts on the same. 


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Hey @misosoup! Very cool business by the way.

We've seen people use Parabola for very similar processes. Parabola’s great for combining data across different platforms. It's easy to get order data with product and variant info, combine it with fulfillment details, and send the data to consume table formats, like Airtable or Google Sheets. From there, your designers can manage their projects in a place that's familiar to them, as well.