How to avoid rejection from Stripe Atlas regarding company incorporation and bank account opening

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Hi, Stripe Atlas just rejected my application as they found my business (Dropshipping) represents high risk. I even don't need the payment gateway service, i just need my company to be incorporated in Delaware along with the Bank Account opening which is the service offered by Stripe called Atlas with a very cheap price. I have checked other service providers for these two services but either they charge super high or don't offer the Bank Account opening service which is most important for me as i am non is resident and want to do this remotely.

Any idea or suggestion would help a lot.

P.S: should i keep the website section blank and declare that my website is not ready yet while submitting the application? Would it work? They would need the website to check the risk factor of that store as the store would be receiving money through their payment gateway but since i won't need their payment gateway, do you think leaving the website section blank would work? I mean, they would start the process of incorporation and bank account opening without the website. Any thought?