How to batch delete all products

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Hi, I'm a newbie to Shopify,I run the store through the Shopify API.

Now,I want to delete all products quickly,then upload new products.

The key point of this case is that I have 80k+ products in store, I only found a API to delete product per request one by one or delete them by operating on admin page,but it also only 50 or 50+(I don't know what actually is the number of that ).Now the operating of bulk delete on page is dosen't work :(

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Go to Products -> Select all -> Delete

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Hi, I have the same issue.


I did exactly what Rockpapercopy posted and clicked on Products->All Products->Clicked the select Checkbox -> clicked on "select all 50+ products from your store" -> confirm -> then I sleected the action "delete selected products" and confirmed it.

Then it says "deleting products in background" and nothing happens. I can leave the page open, I can trigger this job 10 times, I can refresht the page, nothing happens, not a single item is being deleted. I even tried to trigger the job and leave the page open "Over night" and still... no result at all.

When I open the details page of any product and click on "delete" and confirm it, the deletion works but this cant be an option as I have to delete 60k products here I want to upload anew.

I also lost the shopify article-id references in my own database which means I cannot delete them by API anymore.

Please help to solve this issue, thanks.