How to bulk import products via csv with several languages at once

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Im new to shopify and there is a simple thing that I don't know how to do it.

I added a second language to my shop. I have created one product but now I can't find how to add the translations for the second language.

Also I can't find the information on how to bulk upload all my inventoy in both languages at once. Or how to do it so I can add a second csv for the second languange.


Could anybody help me out here?


Thank you! 

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I am also a Newbie and I am considering if I will use Shopify or Lightspeed.

I know that with Lightspeed you can upload a CSV with parameters in all languages.

One just has to put before the parameter EN_ for english  FR_ for french  NL_ for Dutch DE_ for German, etc etc

I'm afraid this is not possible in Shopify. 

What I learned up to now that in Shopify the translation is done with an additional App eg Langify = 17,5 $ per month and you don't have control over the translation because it is done by a machine..

But I hope I am wrong because a multilingual webshop is necessary where I live (Belgium) otherwise I will choose for Lightspeed.