How to calculate/set up smart Discounts?

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Hello dear Community,

anyone knows a good formula or a thumb rule on how to set up good  and smart discounts so your margin don't suffer much from it?
For example, we have small/middle prices with a margin from 10-28$ for each product.
So any tips on how could it be set up to look attractive but still give good profit? We do drop-shipping.


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It is better to send offers to someone who really won't buy without that offer and discount and leave the other person who is more interested, to come and buy on her/his own! So, I think it is better to manage messages and act more customized and personalized. 

BestPush is a smart web push notification tool that sends the shop visitors personalized messages, containing their most interesting products and sometimes the minimum discount possible, to convert them into buyers!

It uses AI and machine learning to analyze the visitors' interactions with your shop to find out who is price sensitive and who is not. 

Check it out here:


I hope you find it helpful!