How to complain about a vendor?

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Shopify allows repeat infringement and does not enforce a repeat infringer clause on its network. This did not work out well for Cox Communications recently. A federal officer who knows nothing about the DMCA obviously. You're part of the problem.

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I get this message when i clicked on an ad from this site.

Oops, something went wrong.

What happened?
This shop is unavailable
What can I do?

What is the issue? Is it a scam?

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Again, learn to read my friend. 


If you have a copyright complaint, which BTW is totally different from what this thread is about, file your complaint with the proper resources and authorities for such against the party committing the offense.  It is NOT the service provider's responsibility as clearly noted in the very act you referenced.  They are not the copyright police.  They can not determine if something is being infringed on or not.   There are proper resources for this.  If you knew anything you would know that much.

Have a great rest of your day. 

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It looks like it may have been a trial shop set up.  If you ordered from that site you can contact your payment provider and reverse the payment.

Hope this helps.


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Torch x pluss has been selling products off your site and not sending product out. I bought a laser off there cuzz I seen there and a hundred times. Said fine it looks cool. Well here it is almost 2 months later I still havnt got it. They finally gave me a tracking number after a month then said it could take a few buisness days before it shows anything. Then said go to this special site to track . It says China order being fulfilled. Now it's two months later. They have 100% moneyback guarantee. Well I want my money back. Still got nothing. How can you let people continue to advertise and scam people. It makes me want to become a scam. Thats how 80 % of are wealthy people got there. Let s all sell cars on shopify for 100$ and not deliver!! Come on ! Open your eyes shopify.
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There should be some form of a advertisement out there flashing as a pop up for warnings to the fraudulent vendors like torch x pluss. Scam! O others dont suffer th same fate. Or get some internet police action going. Con Investigations are us! Internet justice! I want to see scam a artists face as he watches his millions of dollars stolen in his account deplete to a neg mill.
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I agree, they should have some standards in place if not for any other reason than to protect their own brand.  If I am scammed by anyone whose website indicates "www (dot) blahblahblah (dot) SHOPIFY (dot) com" then they are implicating the platform.  I believe that there is a duty and should be a willingness to fight for the consumers and not just for vendors who may or may not be legit.  otherwise their brand and their platform become automatic "oh shopify.  no thanks" and we consumers will click right past.

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I agree that Shopify is merely a tool sometimes used by bad people. But unlike a hammer bought at the local hardware store, Shopify remains involved in its use (“Here, need more bullets? We got ‘em”). Shopify is the landlord of online stores and it seems that a good landlord would want some sort of security against illegal schemes, in order to protect the reputation of other sellers. Would I want to rent space in a mall next to a meth lab allowed to operate there? Or next to faceless merchants scamming their customers? It seems that Shopify needs to balance their anxiousness to expand, with the moral and ethical duty to their customers wanting to make an honest living.
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On that rational... every bank should shut down every site... online
payment systems should shutdown every site.  Even he giants get bad
reviews and complaints where someone feels they were defrauded.  So shut
them down is what you are saying?

It is NOT Shopify's responsibility to investigate a shops ethics or to
determine if they are operating illegally or not.  What if it's just a
troubled consumer with an issue who's complaining because they did not
get the results they wanted?  Are you saying that is absolutely not
possible? Wake up... that happens every day online where someone bashes
a retailer or seller because they are not happy.   You see the
reviews... Worst experience of my life... Ruined my summer... Ruined my
child's Christmas, etc... etc... etc.  I guess all those people live in
a perfect little bubble where they never had a broken bone or kid fall
and cut their forehead open or a car accident or a speeding ticket or a
flat tire or bad weather that cause some sort of damage etc... All of
which would be far worse of an experience in my book.   The bottom line
is not everyone in the ecommerce world is honest and good.  Including
some customers.   And there are far more bad customers than there are
bad sellers.  I know of a couple who buys things in local stores and
online... uses them and return them before the end of the return policy
term... and then will go get something new again... and do it all over
again.   They did this with TV's from local box store.  When they got
caught and retailer giant refused to take back the return... they cried
foul and filed all these complaints etc.  They were really upset.  As if
the store had some nerve to not allow them to use an item for 30 days
for free... and return it for a new item for another 30 days. REALLY?

With that said... Im sure Shopify would do the right thing if contacted
by law enforcement or a court order.   But just to shut down someone
because they got complaints would be irresponsible... and as it has been
said many times... it is not their job, jurisdiction or duty to
investigate what shop owners do.  Like online marketplaces who do have a
stake in each and every seller's online presence on their respective
sites... Even they will not take action against a seller unless certain
circumstances arise or served more information by law enforcement or
court order.

The bottom line is... There are avenues to hold shop owners accountable.
Shopify is not one of them.  The first thing someone should do is shop
responsibly. They would avoid many issues to begin with.  But if a issue
arises... stop their payment... that will instantly resolve their issue
and make them whole.   If they are irresponsible meaning they did not do
their homework or shopped and paid with an unsecured method of
payment... that is another story... and Shopify cant be blamed or held
responsible for that.

Additionally... We all have to be accountable for our actions online.  I
have been shopping online ever since you could by things on the web.  I
have been doing it so long... im one of the first 100 members of the
premier service of the largest online retailer.... so I have been online
for a while.  I have never once lost money to a fly by night website.  
Its not luck... its called being responsible... and if there is an issue
where I bought something that did not arrive and the seller or shipping
carrier did not resolve the issue... I file a dispute with my payment
provider and it gets resolved.  No need to figure out who hosts their
site and complain.  Use your span of support.

Good experiences online starts with ME... and making sure I shop from
reputable shops.  Not falling for the too good to be true shops...
advertising a $400 vacuum for $59 with all the bells and whistles and
free shipping... but limited time offer and the website is some no-name
I never heard of with zero reviews online. To shop there... would be
irresponsible and a risk.   If I choose to take that risk then I should
also accept the consequences if something goes wrong... and have to deal
with it.  I dont cry to the web host or their internet service provider
and cry fowl.

Responsible Shopping Everyone!!

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I agree, Look at the (sometimes poor) reputation PayPal has, I know we were losing sales because we only accepted PayPal and people said they refused to deal with PayPal because they'd had a bad experience in the past.


It would be near impossible for Shopify to police their stores, but perhaps a review process similar to eBay could help weed out the bad apples.

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