How to complain about a vendor?

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While I like the idea of a review system... the only issue with a review
system is that Shopify is not an online marketplace like ebay. So I dont
see how it would even be possible... because where would you learn about
the reviews?  On ebay the reviews are on... well Ebay.  For where will the reviews be... on shopify? and how
many buyers would really go to shopify to either leave a review or check

I think the easiest way to decide if you wanna purchase from a website
you are unfamiliar with is do a simple 2-second google search to find
out if they are legit or not... and if they are legit, are they trust
worthy enough to buy from.

That's the easy, simple answer.   Be Responsible.

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I use the term cautiously!  I have three outstanding orders with merchants which I placed through Shopify enabled stores.  

The information pertaining to the orders is as follows:

1.  Store url: pegjg, Order No. 1053, Item Ordered Mini Hay Baler, Date 1/18/20, Paypal Merchant ID YUNYANGQUMA, Price $199.


2.  Store url: ftbkkjk, Order No. 1570, Items Ordered Seeder and Trencher, Date 1/24/20, Paypal Merchant ID BEIJINGDENG, Price $112.


3.  Store url: giutk, Order No. 1498, Item Ordered Dual Power Excavator, Date 1/31/20, Papay Merchant ID NANNINGSHIJ, Price $439.


Each of the merchants promised delivery within five days.  I have now waited more than thirty days for all but item three.  I have attempted to contact each merchant but find that their web page has been taken down, some in less than a day.  This type of business behavior leads one to 

suspect SCAM.

I placed each of the orders with a different merchant hoping to connect with at least one legitimate operation.  I also had some trust in

the legitimacy of the operation in that it is a Franchsee of Spotify and advertised through Facebook with payment collected (?and forwarded

through?) PayPal.


I would appreciate information regarding whether I can ever expect fulfillment of the orders, whether I should petition for refund of the

prices paid,  and how should I go forward from here.  I had  much rather have the orders filled than to have funds rebated.


Thank you for this avenue for beginning to resolve my problem.


Best regards,

Wayne Stafford

558 Hwy 468

Brandon, MS 39042

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Dear Sir,


Complaint about vendor 'Klozey'!


I have two outstanding orders with merchants 'Klozey' which I placed through Shopify enabled stores.  

1.  Order No. 76710, Date 2/11/20

2.  Order No. 76383, Date 2/9/20


I found the website suddenly disappeared in this week (3/9/20). I suspected that this is a SPAM.


I would appreciate if Shopify can help to chase the vendor for refund as well as to avoid this kind of 'spam' to appear in Shopify again.


Thanks for your attention!



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The scam website '' appeared again in the week 23 Mar 2020. But I found my account & my orders all disappeared. Don't buy anything from this website. 


Hi Shopify, I don't understand why you allow this website to show up again!?

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Unhelpful. You do have a responsibility to ensure you are not providing services to criminals. I'll be using this post as evidence to the FTC that you are enabling thieves and washing your hands of their thievery. Until you actually remove "shopify" from the URL, you will continue to be a target of unhappy customers. It's companies like yours that enable and with the virus, no one has the patience or time to deal with people like you and your hands off approach to theft.