How to create AMP for Shopify store

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Hi @malalta, could you please help in creating AMP pages for my Shopify store as it would be very important and gives an upper edge from SEO perspective. We would like to create it only for a few pages of our store. Could you please help with any of the single page. 



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Hey @Kashif91 

Accelerated Mobile Pages shorts for AMP, which is an open standard framework designed for any publisher to create fast loading web pages on mobile devices.

Please take a look at this article to learn how to create an AMP for your Shopify store, or else you can consider using a Shopify AMP app.

Hope my answer will help you!

I'm Jason Dao, Manager of Research & Development Department at Avada Ecommerce.
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Hi @Kashif91 - thanks for reaching out, but we're probably not the best one's to ask about AMP. Our agency doesn't use it on eCommerce websites (but we do recommend it for client sites with more news-like content). The simple reason is that in our testing enabling AMP for ecommerce stores decreased conversions (but did increase SERP impressions). The ecom sites we build are pretty fast to begin with, so any benefits of enabling AMP didn't outweigh the costs (for us).

Obviously this will be affected by the industries we mainly work in, and the geographies/demographics of our client's customers, so you should test this for yourself.

Shopify doesn't have any built in AMP features, so you'll need to find an app in the Shopify App Store (like the one recommended by Jason above).

If you do implement AMP, definitely make a note of your store's performance beforehand, and review it after a period of time. Kinsta wrote up a good article for this, and you can probably reuse a lot of their ideas:

Good luck!