How to create a parent site and multiple child sites?

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Good morning all,

I want to build a parent site and multiple child sites with different domain and theme.

I found and tried few affiliate apps and subdomain apps, but those don't have every functions we need.

We want to build sites with these functions:

  • The main site can control everything of child sites, but the childs can't or maybe can control few of them like design theme. If they edit somethig, the main site isn't affected.
  • Can choose products to sync.
  • Different product prices per child sites.
  • Different commition percentage per products and child sites.
  • When customers order in child sites, every order details sync to the main site.
  • The main site check the order details and send the products to the customers.
  • The child cites take commitions. (Different percentage each)

Can I build them with Shopify apps? Can I get some tips what apps I should use?