How to decrease the high bounce rate of a website

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Hello experts,


I need some help about high bounce rate on my website. I would like to have some feedbacks, any tips on how to decrease a high bounce rate problem. My store url is


I am new to shopify, not so techy. 


Thanks a lot experts.

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General information:

1. Add Instagram section to attract user with your products.

2. Make proper layout of qty and add to cart button on home page.  
3. Add blog section on bottom so user can read some of the story and add product on blog related to blog so user direct buy them.
4. Add slider in collection and product section in mobile, so user can easily check all products at same place.
5. Change banner,text,blog etc one daily  basis  or weekly basis to attract use.
6. Add email subscription app to collect user email and follow up with this.(use privy free app:
7. Use discount to attract user to  purchase product, festival discount etc.
8. Show % discount with product price so user see how many discount will get.
9. Use cart abandonment to follow up user that leave from cart page, like send mail to them why he not purchase product.give some discount.
10 Add product image zoom on product image.
11. Share your products or store on Social media as possible.
There are some basic solution for store and keep mobile layout perfect because 80% user from mobile. 
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Hi @Lovelyn12,


Gabe here from Shopify!


That is probably the most common question when starting a shop. Why are people bouncing away after coming to the store, often via a costly Ads campaign?


So, if the so-called "traffic quality" is poor then you will get a high bouncing rate no doubt. And what is traffic quality? This is answered with the following question: "Do the visitors that come to the website actually 'want' to come to the website in the first place, or are they clicking into an ad that leads them to the website in'ad'vertently (sorry about the pun)?


A high 'traffic quality' can only be built up organically and with time. You need to build up an 'interested' customer base and source these quality visitors via such channels as Social Media or even by joining 'interest groups' (i.e. groups where people gather that are interested in the same products, brands, or topics). In your case and your shop, I would source online crowds and groups that are experts in the areas of handbags and watches specific to such brands as Burgi and JBW etc. Then you can softly introduce your shop to these people for more tips and networking.


Some more tips here


I would also advise reading ALL home-dash tips and cards in the Shopify admin. There are many great tips to read there that can help you to maximize the conversions.


If the conversions are low then ask yourself this:.

  • Is the shop navigation intuitive?
  • Is it easy to add items to your shopping cart and move through the checkout process?
  • Are there any points in the checkout funnel that create friction?
  • Does the website or theme match the identity of the brands?

To determine the traffic quality, you can ask yourself the following:

  • What does your target market look like?
  • Where does your traffic come from exactly?
  • Which traffic sources are mostly converted into sales?

The environment, climate change, and bounce rates

We see that many visitors are looking for a "feel-good factor" when shopping online. If you show on the shop that you are committed to the environment, e.g. with an environmental sticker like the one from OneTreePlanted or Aspire Sustainability you could reduce the bounce rates with this as it would increase that feel-good factor of your online shop.




Great tip: a Demography app can also help identify visitors for targeted marketing campaigns, even for specific age groups or genders.


Why not integrate some "Gamification" into the website? We already know that visitors are much more willing to buy if they have to do something about it, like win a game or do a treasure hunt. Simply browsing and buying is no longer enough nowadays.


So maybe a "treasure hunt" on the website could be an approach? One can guide the visitors down a certain path until a certain goal is reached...treasure hunt style.


Viral Shares are now also the thing nowadays.


Clickfunnel model

An example of the "Clickfunnel" - a path with a tripwire to lure the customers down:


1: The first step -> Offering a so-called Freebie Opt-in/Pop-up (like an industry report, tutorial, online course, or ebook, etc.) 

2: Then the next step would be a download page with a tripwire for a low-cost upsell product. 
3: Finally, the main offer. Even if the visitor does not make it through the funnel, he/she can then still be re-marketed by an e-mail campaign.


Here are some great tips on how to improve the product pages too.


And as I said, the product descriptions can also be optimized, which has a lot of effect.


Why not test all our Free Themes, since the shop must also be visually appealing to the customer who comes over e. g. from Facebook.


Live Chat

Let the customers ask questions via a chat app like Messenger (with pings that go directly to your mobile phone and allow you to answer customer questions in real-time).


Baiting Apps can also help like Exit Intent.


Hope that helps!


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Is it possible to use something like Hotjar to view what's really happening with visitors who come to this store? I know that Hotjar provides a video for how the customer is browsing our site, just don't know if integrating with Shopify is an option. Having a few 10s of such videos might give us a better clue as to why such bounces happen perhaps.

Shopify Staff
Shopify Staff
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Hotjar provides great insights into the visitor behaviours via so-called "heat maps" that show the mouse-and-click behaviours of the visitors on the shopfront. You can get the app here.


I would recommend reading about the app and testing it out!


Best regards,