How to display products from my store to blog visitors

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Hi All,

I run a shopify store (

Most of the current traffic to my website comes via my blog- I get about 60-100 visitors per day and 95% of them come through the blog.

The majority of these visitors aren't interested in the blog- they are usually looking for a specific silver or gold chain and not an article about silver/gold chains.As a result, most people leave the site as soon as they realise that the page doesn't have the product or a product similar to what they are searching for.

I'd like to have something on my blog that will pop up and highlight the product the the person is looking for (or at least very similar to their search). 

So for example, if a person puts in "10k gold chain for men" into Google and is brought to an article on my blog, I would like them to see some sort of pop up advertising 10k gold chains for men and they can click on this and be brought to the relevant page on my site.

Is there an app out there to do this?



Karus Chains 

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Shopify Staff
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Hi Caemin.

My name is Anne, on the Guru team. Thanks so much for getting in touch with us on the forums!

It sounds to me like your blog may be the perfect place to embed Shopify Buy Buttons! A buy button lets someone buy directly from a webpage without having to redirecte anywhere else, and you can use buy buttons on all Shopify plans! 

I hope this helps Caemin!


Warm regards,

Anne :)

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Hi Anne,

Thanks so much for all of that information. I love the idea of having the buy button feature as a sidebar on the blog. I forgot about the shopify experts- I'll try them first and see what they suggest.

Thanks again,


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Hi. I am running into this issue currently.


I am looking to include Product Recommendations on my Blog Pages, which get the majority of traffic on my eCommerce site.


I tried using Recommendify, but ran into that issue of it not working on the Blog Pages, only on the Product Pages.


I'm going to look into the Shopify Buy Button (I have never used before). 


But can you give an updated answer here to what the best option is to accomplish product recommendations on my blog page?


Thanks, 420i

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Hi 420i, I'm currently working on a new app for this functionality, you can check it out here:


It's pending review at the moment, but you can already install it as a non listed app if you want, there is currently a 30 free trial, and I'm looking for some more feedback on adding more functionality to it.


Install it from here:



Let me know what you think.