How to email those who signed up to be notified for launch

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Hi! Thank you in advance for your help.

I am getting ready to launch my business and have had smooth sailing with Shopify so far. Currently on my password page, there is a field for people to put their email addresses so they can "be the first to know when we launch." Here are my questions—

1. Will they get an automatic email from Shopify letting them know the password has been taken off or is this just a way for me to collect their emails so I have access to email them?

2. If it's on me to email them, how can I send a bulk email to all the people who entered their email?

3. Is there a way to send bulk emails through my business gmail or is the only way to connect a separate app (like MailChimp) through ShopSync? 

4. Regarding the reCaptcha required before adding one's email address successfully, is there a way to change this function? I know how much I hate having to click on squares to find the crosswalks and then have it reload and now I have to find motorcycles....I just don't want my customers to have to deal with that. I would rather have them enter a series of numbers and letters, if at all.


Thank you!


Thank you!