How to export user traffic data

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We have the plan called Shopify. I'm building out visualizations in Google Data STudio.

I've tried two Shopify apps for exporting data into Google Sheets. They will give me information on transactions and users, but neither provide information about the user visits.

I'd like to know how many users visited each webpage and what sources they came from and how many added an item to cart. Is that sort of information available for my analysis? 


Greetings @Sebastian8. It sounds like you're trying to view Google Analytics data (website visitors, traffic sources, user behavior, etc.), not Shopify data (transactions, products, etc.). Is that correct? If so, and assuming that you already have Google Analytics installed on your Shopify site, you simply need to add Google Analytics as a data source in Google Data Studio. Here are instructions >>


Once you add your Google Analytics account as a data source in Data Studio, you'll be able to create charts, tables, and other awesome visualizations that help you understand who came to your store, where they came from, and how they behaved once they arrived.


The add-to-cart info you're looking for will require a few extra steps though, as Google Analytics doesn't track those sort of actions by default. Fellow Shopify expert @Josh_Uebergang wrote a great guide to properly configuring Google Analytics for Shopfiy. It's extremely well-written. I recommend that all Shopify site owners follow it from start to finish. 


Out of curiosity, which two Shopify apps did you use to export Shopify data into Google Sheets?