How to get backlinks for my shopify store?

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I have a shopity store rbinnovations{Dot} How i can get backlink from this store to my site?

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You can create a blog and write a relevant article to your niche. From this article, you can link your website.
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Hey @RB_Innovations,


That's a great question regarding backlinks. Backlinks help to increase organic traffic to the targetted website and there are many ways of setting-up backlinks.


You can insert backlinks as hyperlinks in blog posts, pages, product descriptions, and collection descriptions with the rich text editor. You can add links that direct customers to pages within your Shopify online store and to other websites. You can also add links that open email messages or make phone calls, to help customers contact you.


The steps to do that in the product, page, or blog rich text editor is: simply highlight the text or image that you want to turn into a link.

  1. Then click Insert link.
  2. Enter the destination URL for the link in the Link to field
  3. Don't forget to make the link to the target page "open in a separate window" so that the visitor is not directed away from the source website.
  4. To link to a page within your Shopify online store, enter the short URL, for example,/collections/summer-collection.
  5. To create a link that opens an email message, enter mailto: followed by the email address, for example,
  6. To create a link that makes a phone call, enter tel:, followed by the phone number, for example, tel:+0-123-456-7890.

You can see more details on that here.


Just to note, as backlinks attract more traffic to your website, they can attract the wrong traffic too. Links to your online store from other websites help search engines know that your site is popular and can be trusted. There are also online services where you can buy paid links, but paid links might result in a lower rank for your online store in search results.

You can increase the number of links to your online store in a few ways:

  • Look for ways to list your online store on other websites.
  • Build relationships with other websites and blogs so that you can ask for a link back.
  • Maintain updated and interesting content to create a website that organically gets linked to.

More on that topic here.



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Anyone recommend a place to put backlinks. Thanks