How to get email address before giving free eBook?


Hi guys,


I'm giving a free ebook to my visitors using the Digital Downloads app. However, it doesn't collect email address before giving the download.


Link: The ebook link is at the bottom of the blog post.


Clicking on the link just takes you to a direct download page. The only other way is to treat it like an actual product, but then it asks for address and everything, which I don't want. Please help!!

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You should connect it to your mailing list,

you could either display a subscribe form popup when they click the download link.

or the easier solution is to replace the download link with a subscribe form form with text above it like "Get the free eBook now!"

and setup your mailing list to send them the download link when they subscribe.


i think you will find apps for this in the store but i'm not sure, but it can be custom coded in the theme directly.

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We are trying to do the same. Collect email and give a download link via the email they provide. 
So fat the best way is to create an email subscription link and send an auto-response email with the download link. 

Are there any good apps that can do the same without the hassle of setting up via an email client?