How to get multiple login from different roles?

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I have customer and doctors. 

1. Customer fill up questionaire.

2. We will recommend them medicine based on question field. Each question is like category/tags so we need to link this with category/products structure. 

3. ustomer buy medicine and after order fullfilled, doctor needs to approve. 

4. The doctor add prescription and order is fullfilled and sent to customer. 

5. Some items can be based on prescription and some items can be without prescription. If any medicine, customer buy from prescription that needs approval. 

How do i create doctor login?

How do i integrate order page with doctor approval feature?

How do i notify doctor about new order is waiting for prescribe?

How do i notify customer about order is prescribed and ready for delivery? 


Any theme, plugin or extention regarding this? 

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Hello @kt4 

We can to create separate panel for Doctors. Shopify does not allow role based(customer, doctor) users. We will create separate dashboard for Doctors and Shopify provides webhook that will notify to the Doctor. Contact me if you are interested to discuss with me.

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If you want to assign different types of pages roles and vendors then you might check bAZAAR plugin made by Codexinfra . This is the best multivendor plugin which has capability of creating different vendors and different page roles. If you want to know how to use bAZAAR then might check out with this article.