How to get report on Shopify Purchase Orders

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We're trying to use the new Purchase Orders feature in Shopify and it is proved to be quite useful.

But there seems no means to get any reports on the purchase orders?

Does anyone know how I can get any reports? I'm specially interested in a report showing the "Incoming Inventory" of the products.

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I have the exact same question.  Very strange that shopify has such robust reporting for sales and on hand stock, yet there is not a single report I can find to download open purchase orders (i.e. incoming units).  Without an option to download open purchase orders into excel, how does one calculate their weeks of supply and additional supply needs? Any help would be much appreciated...thanks

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Was anyone able to export "incoming inventory" to a spreadsheet?

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Hi all @hellohoneycat @George_Attar @TommyT ,

Unfortunately Shopify does not offer any reports about incoming inventory. 

We built an app that tells you what to restock, when and how much. Based on this, you can easily create Purchase Orders and get full transparency around the following questions:

- How many products do we have in transit?

- Which shipment from which supplier is on the way?

- What's the expected inventory level of a product considering the incoming inventory and daily sales?

I would love to get your feedback about our app and listen to your needs more in detail. I'm sending you a DM with my contact information, please check your inboxes.