How to give automatic full discount and add a processing fee

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Hi, Shopify community,


We are newbies here so looking forward to your help.


Basically, our webpage will run a different concept than conventional stores. We will have items with normal monetary values, however, we aim to "sell" them only against virtual money (one can coin it as store credit), which the clients will be able to get beforehand. Thus, we need the ability to issue store credit as convenient as possible. Currently, we are testing Fresh Credit functionality -

At the same time we want to have a conventional processing fee, which can only be paid with actual credit card or bank transfer. To my understanding, Shopify does not support automatic handling fees, so workaround needs to be used. We are testing Order & Product Fees - It works Ok but here the interaction between 2 apps is not working well. Fresh Credit debits all original + new "Order & Product Fees", and leaves 0 EUR as the final cost, which is not the result we need.

I have to admit that I have not tested the usual discount codes because my aim is for my clients to see their actual virtual money/store credit balance in their profiles.


Any suggestions what I can do?