How to handle exchanges for my online store

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After a good Thanskgiving - Christmas season, we are starting to get a lot of things returned to us for refunds or exchanges. Refunds are pretty straightforward through Shopify, but exchanges seem more difficult. Any advice for how to handle exchanges? Most of ours are for items of the same value - exchange a shirt for another size, etc. Thanks in advance!

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Hi Great State Apparel, I'm only new as well to shopify (5months) and the last thing a customer wants to do is watch you fumble around on the ipad trying to work out how to do your exchange. Am I right?. My quick work around for simple size exchange is just swap the goods and make a quick note so that you can adjust the stock level when the time is right either in you your product admin tab or using your iphone app for shopify. I know its not the correct way but sure dosen't get you customer off side. As for the exchange of one item for another and pending weather there is a refund amount or a additional payment to be made, takes a bit longer to process. Yes I would love to see a faster way to do this, that does'nt take so much fiddling around in front of the customer. Quick clean transactions are our ultimiate goal so I'm sure Shopify could come up with a more simpler process that does not compromise frudulant activity and fits in with the programing language. Lets wait and see:-). Sorry after reading your comment again I see that you are only online which my comments dont really apply. 

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Hello Great State Apparel,

We have a pretty great help page on how to set up Exchanges with the Shopify POS system that can be found here:

To Summarize:

You will need to issue Store Credit instead of refunding to the Credit Card, and use that Store Credit when purchasing a the new item. Now, just to note: Store credit is not attached to a customer account or issued as a receipt, so you will need to process the exchange at the same time, otherwise I suggest issuing them a Gift Card.

I sincerely hope this helps, have a wonderful day!

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So both of the above answers ignored the fact that the original post is asking how to do this for online orders not POS.

I'm in the same situation, and have been trying to get answers for this for over year now. How can I exchange an item for another size with an online order? Or what about exhanging for a different item? In my current cases, these are items purchased as gifts, so while I can see the original order, I don't want to refund to the gift purchaser's credit card. We just want to let the gift recipient get the right size or a different item and pay the difference.

There is no way within Shopify to do this... A very basic function that every retailer does on a regular basis.  Please provide a solution!

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Hi guys,

Returns and exchanges are the major issues eroding the profit margin of online stores.

At GiftWizard we let the gift recipients customize their gifts, allowing them to choose different variants (size, color, etc.) or turn the gift into a gift card and buy something else in your store.

This approach minimizes returns and exchanges making both you and the gift recipients happy :)

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Is it still true that Shopify is unable to handle on online exchange? This seems like an obvious need for an "online" shopping cart. Please update me if there is a fix, so I don't have to create yet another workaround or purchase another app to fulfill a role that one would think would be inherent in a shopping cart software. 

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We have a solution for store credit now. No points, no reward schemes, just real money that can be used at your customers discretion. FreshCredit allows customers to carry a balance and use as much or as little of their credit as they like. Check us in the app store:


ByteStand - Amazon to Shopify in one click

Agree with the above reply, this seems like such a (yet another) obvious thing that should be included in a store setup by default.

Why it is included in the POS app, and not the online store is beyond me. 

Another in the long list of head-shaking Shopify disappointments. This is not some obscure feature that should be covered by a third-party app that charges a third of the Shopify subscription for one feature. 

I'm starting to suspect all these "third-party" apps are probably somehow owned by Shopify's parent company…

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Hey Guys,

I've finally figured out a workaround for this. We were having a total nightmare as our CS team were having to log into shopify and brightpeal and essentially process the refund twice and exchanges were a NIGHTMARE! We've resolved this by downloading the POS app and using the refund / exchange section on there.


It has the exact features we need on the shopify web app. You simply search the order number and can exchange an item and create a new sales order automatically, it'll also let you pick the item (and check the stock) and will issue a bill / refund if there is a difference in price and refunds can be done in the same way.


The only issue I have with this is that you can't do it online so our customer service team are having to issue refunds and exchanges through the POS app!

Hope this helps a little? And I hope Shopify will push this functionality onto the web version!

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I think there is a way to do this using the Shopify Admin, but there are a few steps to the process:-

  1. Open the order and return the item to be exchanged.
  2. Manually edit the refund amount to $0.
  3. Create a draft order for the correct item for that customer.
  4. Discount that item 100%
  5. Mark as paid

Hope that helps!