How to handle exchanges for my online store

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Hi everyone,

I think i figured out a way to do the exchange through the Shopify Admin.

Go to the order you would like to complete the exchange for. In the order, Under the product is a "more" button. Click on more and then click unfulfill items.

When you have done this click "Edit" to edit your order.

In the Edit page add the item the customer would like to make the exchange for. You can either search for the item in your store or add a custom item.

When you have added the new item or items to the order, remove the exchanged item and click update order.

If you need to collect money from your customer then you can send them an automatic email link where they can pay the outstanding balance or refund an amount due.

Hope this helps.


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Thats not a solution for any exchange that involves shipping or third party fulfillment apps. 

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Hi this is useless for people who are online only. We also get a lot of exchanges (usually sizing) and I have to create a new draft order for that customer with 100% discount, which then brings our average order down for the whole store - very frustrating and a clumsy experience for the the customer as well as for our management. I see you've just introduced a new 'returns' feature online - could you not add an 'exchange' feature to this system? We need one that accounts for any changes in revenue & doesn't just 'refund' the revenue when it's just an exchange.

Thanks for listening Shopify!!  

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Try using the Exchange It app which you can find in the Shopify app store. It does not trigger a 100% discount. 


From what I know, Shopify only has built-in exchange support for POS.

If you have an online store you'll need to use one of these apps:

  • Aftership Returns
  • Returnly
  • Exchange it

Check out my blog post for a comparison. 

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4 years on in this thread and still no resolve to a key issue for retailers managing online only stores.

Shopify, please get this sorted.

I'm just commenting to keep this thread alive and to also cast my vote for an easy, built-in exchange function for online orders.

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Bumping to keep the thread going. 

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A bump from me. I would really like Shopify to solve this issue. This is important for all of us that have online stores only.

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Came here hoping 5 years later there would be a resolution for online stores but I see there is not. I’m finding this to be a trend and it is disappointing. Any updates on exchanges for online stores without creating draft orders, messing up analytics & installing yet another app? thank you!