How to handle high risk fraud orders?

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Hi! Recently, I experience few orders with alert "High risk of fraud detected". I am glad to have this security function available on Shopify, which make me realized the importance of dealing with some potential fraud transactions. I thought I handle the problem the right way by asking the purchaser to provide more information and if he or she cannot provide more info, I would just fully refund him/her. However, I found that I offended and pissed off the purchaser. I got this reply from one of the purchasers after I cancel his order, "Cancel it if you not trusting any new customer buying in your store i glad you store will lose because you not trusting me and any other new customer buying in your store. I will wait your store will lose because you can’t any trust to newly customer." How to explain to customer that we are prevent fraudulent? Can anyone share their experience?


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Hi MBon,

Faye here with ClearSale.

Glad to hear you’re being proactive by contacting the customer.  That is an incredibly important piece of verifying the validity of an order.

Sometimes simply letting the customer know that you’re trying to protect them helps alleviate some of the concerns the customer might be experiencing when reaching out to them.

That being said, verifying a few key factors may allow you to make a decision without having to reach out.

Some of the factors to consider would be billing/shipping addresses, IP address, email age, shopping behavior, social presence and many many others.  Failing that, sometimes that phone call will give you the answers you need.

Fraud is not always a cut and dried answer so this can be challenging for sure.  If you would like to discuss in more detail we'd be happy to do so.  Feel free to drop us a line at

Have a great day :)

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