How to have nested collections?

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Hi all,


I managed to find a solution using native tags and collections functionality in Shopify.

Let's say we have the following categories:

  • Clothes
  •   |_ Dresses
  •       |_ Women, Children


I would do the following:


  1. Make a Product Type Dress and assign it to a product
  2. Make a tag clothes_dress_women (as you can see is the whole category path expressed logically as a tag) and assign it to a product that has Product Type Dress and it's for women
  3. Make a tag clothes_dress_children and assign it to a product that has Product Type Dress and it's for children
  4. Make a collection Dresses that has as condition (tag equals to clothes_dress_women and a tag equals to clothes_dress_children) or you can do tag starts with clothes_dress_
  5. Make a collection Clothes that has a condition tag starts with clothes_


Hope it helps!

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Thanks for the update.  I found a solution too.


Went back to my original store install on Wordpress using the Store Front Template with Woocommerce. 


This entire process is free with no plugins that I am paying for other than the Thrive Architect that I chose for a Design Tool. It is fabulous and allows us to eliminate several plug-ins in the process. 


Great design with simple drag and drop designs and templates for nearly everything we need. 


Shopify is just a money racket!  Almost every plug-in worth using has a cost associated with it!


With Wordpress you just create sub or child categories and assign them to a parent category and there it is, ready to use!


I am off to continue working on my store that I so much enjoy now! 


Bye, bye Shopify!

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We went back to Wordpress and Woocommerce and purchased the Thrive Architect for our design tool.  


Of course, you don't need Thrive unless you just want it. We have more than one web site and we use Thrive on all of them. 


The Woo Default Store Theme is great for a Store.  You can now purchase a package from them (Woo) that is drag and drop in real time also! It looks great but we don't really need it.


Have a great day!


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