How to hide store address EVERYWHERE?

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How can I make sure to hide the store's address EVERYWHERE (as in, on the website, on the receipts, on ANYTHING the customers may be able to see)? I'm worried about the store address being given to customers as it is a personal address (not a physical store).

Thank you.

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Shopify Staff
Shopify Staff
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Hey, there!

Koreen here from Shopify Guru team.  ?

Thanks for posting and I understand your concern. However, not to worry, within the Shopify system none of your personal information is made visible on your store by default. You can also continue to keep this info separate by ensuring that you have not added it to your notifications, pages or any other info publically displayed on your site. 

We have a guide on how to access and edit your notification emails here.  Each includes a handy preview function too, to help you check on this. 

We also have info on how to access your pages here,  and you may also like to check your apps, just in case you are using these for any custom receipts. 

If you plan to use third party payment gateways or fulfilment services it would be good to double check with them on the info that will be displayed as you process your orders.
For example with Paypal, I understand that entering an address for your business is optional. Though it would be good to check on this, just so you can be sure.

Hope this helps you out!

Koreen W | Shopify

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Hi Koreen, I have this same question. I've just started up a Shopify account (at the moment, I'm on the Shopify Lite program) and I want to hide my store address from absolutely everything and everyone because it's my personal home address. The Settings tag in Shopify admin has a section for store address but it says...


Store address

This address will appear on your invoices. You can edit the address used to calculate shipping rates in your shipping settings

Your primary business location could affect which apps can be used on your store. Learn more about app compatibility


How can I ensure that my home address will not appear on any invoices or anything at all?