How to hide store address EVERYWHERE?

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I hid my address on the packing slip by removing “shop address” from the footer of the code.

@teragram wrote:
I don’t mind it going to people I’m shipping to who will likely end up recycling the packaging and moving on. It’s having it online for all to see at all hours I don’t love. 😕


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Same issue here! Has there been an answer to this? 

Also, if you could post where you removed 'store address' from coding i'd appreciate it! 

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How did you find the code for this?

Where in settings is it?

Thank you!

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Hi there, 

I am hoping if you could also help with this. 

When I go to the "Settings" tab, clicked on "locations" tab, I noticed that the default location for my inventory is my personal home address. How can I remove that because I won't have inventory or be able to fulfill orders at my personal address. My only inventory/fulfillment order location is Printful, and I would like printful to be my default location for inventory. 

Your feedback is appreciated. 

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I know having your home address showing is alarming regardless, so what I did was add oberlos business address as shown on website at bottom as a location, save, then uncheck unfulfill from home address, change default to oberlo address, then deactivate home address, then delete home address. This now only shows oberlo address. FYI in addition to the Oberlo App. 

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I also would love to know how to remove my address!

I removed my address from the packing slip from what Cass said above! 

 Go to shipping and delivery in settings > packing slip template. 

Then remove the highlighted code. 

That's only to remove it from the packing slip. Still haven't found the solution to removing it PERIOD. 

High hopes... 


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Also Looking for a solution for this.

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I'm not sure if this completely solves the problem but I found this comment made by one of the Shopify team.

"Hey there!

My name is Aaron, I'm a guru here at Shopify!

No problem at all!  That message is to indicate that your street address will be printed on your invoices from Shopify, not printed on invoices you might send to your customers!  If you've any concerns on this, I'd recommend sending yourself an invoice from your Shopify admin once you're set up so you can see how that reflects for yourself - and the templates for any automatic notifications sent out by the Shopify system are fully customizable!  

Hope that's helped!  Please feel free to give us a call or start a live chat at any time, we're open 24/7 for your convenience and always happy to assist!


Aaron | Shopify Guru"


Hope it helps

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Have a look at this other discussion for further info:

Looks like there's no avoiding including an address. 

I suggest using your accountant's postal address to maintain privacy... and avoid unnecessary fees like maintaining a PO box. 

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Seems to me the solution is to just get a PO Box. A small one really isn't very expensive. That way you can use it on your correspondence etc.  I don't see how anyone can really "be in business" and not have some kind of address. Just a cost of doing business, and it is a tax write off.