How to hide store address EVERYWHERE?

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I am just getting in this long line of people with the same question in case anyone ever has a simple answer for this. 

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Thanks so much!!

Having the same issues. 
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An update... 

We found out how to remove our address from all our email correspondence, e.g. the emails that go to people who put items in their cart but did not finalise their order.

The process also removes your address from your receipts. 

You need to update your marketing email app (our is CM Commerce Email Marketing) - not the address listed in Shopify. 

How to 'fix' the problem using CM Commerce Email Marketing app 

  1. Open Shopify - click on 'Apps' and then select 'CM Email Marketing' (hopefully it's similar in other apps)
  2. Click on 'emails'.
  3. Then update all of your 'Active Workflows' (one-by-one) by opening each of the email templates and then removing the address field entirely or by changing the address. See the screenshot below. 

CM Screenshop for Disc Board on Shopify.jpeg

This fixed the issue for us - hope it helps everyone else!

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i just went to Shopify > Settings > Packing Slips (Edit) > and deleted the line of code below from the template > Save and tadah... my home address got removed from there

{{ shop_address.address1 }}, {{ }}, {{ shop_address.province_code }}, {{ }}, {{ }}

This line of code appeared at line 177 for me. Preview template to see a sample of packing slip that would get generated after making changes

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Hello! I have this problem as a home-based business as well. I went through lots of options because I do want to offer delivery, but it displays your address for this. I also know some of my customers on a more personal level and I don't mind if they want to come to pick up their orders from me. I didn't want to sacrifice the functionality of the website by having people contact me to make an order and having to collect payment in person and what not. So I went through a bunch of apps and tried a bunch of recommendations, but what I have decided on is to get a UPS box. I use this address for the site. I picked a $25 one. unfortunately, it is a monthly fee, but as I have 2 online stores, It is beneficial that I can use this for both, unlike paying for 3rd party apps where you pay per site. There is also supposed to be some shipping discounts involved! 

For everyone desperately looking for peace of mind, I hope this helps. So now I use the UPS store address everywhere on my site and I don't have to worry about where it is visible!

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Hey guys, so I'm having the same problem as well. what i found is a way to hide your current home address so it wont show up on the customers receipt. here are the steps:

1. go to settings

2. Go to Shipping and Delivery

3. Go to Packing Slip and click Edit

4. Delete lines 178-179 (those were the lines for me, idk if its the same as everyone else)

5. Click preview to make sure that your home address is deleted

6. Click Save

7. DONE!


I'm going to post the pictures I took of the code. 


hopefully this helps everyone with this question.


SIDE NOTE: i still have to find out how to delete my address on the "contact us" in my homepage of my website. so if anyone has an idea, please let me know.

with addresswith addressdelete the codesdelete the codesaddress is goneaddress is goneTHANKS GUY

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Deleting the line of code totally worked for me! THANK YOU

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Works for me, thanks