How to hide variant images from the product page

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Some of my products have 10+ variant images. Every single image is displayed at the same time in the product page. Is it possible to hide the  variant images so they are not all showing? So they only pop up when the user clicks on the specific variant options?




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Shopify Staff
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Hi Azi,

My name is Ardiane, a Guru here at Shopify!

I've had a look into your account regarding your query about the variant images. :-) I've also had a look at your theme and seeing how this can be integrated. From what you're requesting, it seems like your best option would be to reach out to your third party theme developer and requesting them to apply this for you using custom coding. :-) Normally, our Theme Support team can have a look into applying this into your theme but since the theme you're using is one that's from Out of the Sandbox, they would be much more capable of looking into this for you! :-) 

Also, if you have a look at your theme in the Shopify admin - Online Store > Themes > Customise Theme > Info, you can see that they do offer assistance. :-) You should be able to reach them via email with your request via

Alternatively, if this is a task too complicated for them, I would also recommend our theme experts and designers on our Shopify Experts Page!

I hope that helps you out! :-) Have a wonderful day!

- Ardiane

Hi Azi,

We have created an app recently that can help you hide unnecessary images from the product page. You can find the app here:

Feel free to try it and reachout to me at 



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Being new to shopify this reply does not come as any surprise. the entire support effort is flawed and terrible. I have NEVER received a straight answer. They know very little. I've tried the chat and the phone service. (wait 1 to 2 hours for NOTHING). The platform is decent but the support is worse than terrible.

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How was not that a straight answer? It's not a Shopify theme, so how can you expect them to support that type of modification? 
Sorry to hear you've had some bad experiences, but I would hardly call their support worse than terrible.  

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3 years later, this just saved my store from looking like a train wreck on mobile. thank you so much. I can't afford more than the free plan right now but I promise I will pay once this store profits!

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hey rtleo,

how did you do it can you please help.


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Short answer?


Either pay $15 month for an app to do this for you, or Shopify " expert designers ". 

I've had NO LUCK finding a free alternative for this issue, and my store is a huge mess because of this.

I am a starter, so I don't really have a budget for paying $15 or more for this thing ( that SHOULD'VE BEEN IMPLEMENTED already within the shopify interface.................. ) but whatever. 

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I made a video that can help hide specific variant images, so if there are too many you can choose how many you'd like instead; some coding is required: