How to improve conversions?

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Hi I have a jewelry site. I want to improve trying but not successful conversions.ללא שם.png


I just tried going through your sales funnel. A few things worth mentioning that relate to the stats you shared. The UI flow between adding to cart and initiating a checkout has quite a bit of friction, and you can see you're only converting about 19% of people here. I'd recommend trying to redirect users straight to the cart page or into the checkout flow immediately, or at the very least improving the UI around the cart drawer. It's a bit awkward sliding up from the bottom, and it causes some of the scrolling on the page to glitch out. Scrolling becomes disabled and then it just starts scrolling up and down into different locations and pushing content off the screen. This might be throwing users off.


Second, once actually going through the checkout flow, where you're only converting 15% of the people who are initiating a checkout, when I go to pay with a credit card, I get redirected to a checkout page. You may have certain constraints for that payment solution, but it looks quite a bit different than the previous site, and it requires you to click through several checkout steps again. To non-technical users, they might get confused at being on a different website than the one they were just on, or get frustrated thinking they have to re-enter their info. Perhaps switching to a payment gateway like Shopify Payments, or offering more payment options like GPay, Apple Pay, and Amazon Pay might improve conversions here.

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It's worth analyzing and A/B testing your traffic sources. That's a big factor in conversion optimization.


For example, run a the same ad to the same product on FB, IG, Google, and Bing and check your results after 2 weeks (I'd bet you get the best ROI on the search engines, then much lower on FB and IG).


I've seen some people do well on social media ads, but the majority of campaigns I've seen and ran perform far worse on social media vs Google ads.


The branding felt a little off to me. I think because the site is Couples Jewelry, but the logo and website text is Couple Jewelry. Felt like a typo to me (just sharing my experience).


You'll get more email signups if you include a tangible offer. Put yourself in the customer's shoes, would you know what "exclusive access" means if you landed on a site for the first time? If you put something like "get 10% off your first order"... or "get monthly promotion offers"... etc. you're helping them to understand what they get for signing up.





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