How to increase email conversions?

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Gamified Email Collection (Wheel Pop Up)

The first email pop up driven by the behavioral science of gamification. The wheel pop up app triggers users to enter their email (action) with the promise of a variable reward in the form of a discount code that will lead to an investment of time and money on your website. Using Stanford Behavioral Science research, this app will deliver exponentially more emails than the standard pop-up modal.

Let's face it, basic email pop-ups are annoying!

People are tired of having to duck, dip, dive, and dodge the traditional pop-up window because it does nothing for them. We’ve solved this problem with the Wheel Pop Up app; this app promises a variable reward to users that makes it worth their while to engage. Even a small discount feels like a big win to customers. Our Wheel Pop Up app, paired with a countdown timer, allows your site to create a new and interactive experience that the user will be sure to remember.

It's hard to stand out

Using the same apps, tools, and tricks everyone else uses makes it difficult to build a brand and stand out next to the hundreds, or thousands of other sites that offer similar products and services. It is key to differentiate yourself in every aspect of your website experience. With the Wheel Pop Up app, you set yourself apart the moment a user lands on your website. Instantly, you offer engagement and an interaction that creates a memorable experience for the user.

How will the Gamified Email Collection (Wheel Pop Up) App Help you?

  • - Collect More Customer Emails
  • - Drive Immediate Conversions (SALES!!!)
  • - Drive Ongoing Sales through marketing efforts with the collected emails
  • - Stand out from your competition
  • - Create a memorable website experience
Since implementing the [Wheel Pop Up] app I have 5X the email collection versus the traditional pop up route
This app is a game changer
Not only do I collect more emails, but my visitors are converting better than ever before

The Gamified Email Collection (Wheel Pop Up) App has all the features you need including:

  • Email Validation
  • Customizable Text
  • Customizable Background
  • Customizable Wheel Color
  • Logo Upload/branding
  • Exportable Emails
  • Single use and bulk email code support
  • Custom triggers including: time on site, device (mobile, desktop), page or exit intent
  • And much more!

Gamified Email Collection (Wheel Pop Up) App is revolutionizing email collection, try  a free 7-day trial today!

Free 7-Day Trial

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Email marketing is a fantastic and cost-effective way to engage prospects and  also strengthen relationships with current customers. There are several best practices that can be applied across industries to help develop your email strategy and boost total conversions from your marketing emails. They are:

  1. Test in Multiple Email Clients
  2. Monitor Performance Metrics
  3. Segment  Segmentation is important for ensuring that your emails are sent to the correct recipients and increasing conversion rates.
  4. Be Deliberate with Your Sender Address Getting conversions is getting people to open your account, which requires making it to their inbox. The sender address is important when it comes to avoiding spam filters and increasing open rate.
  5. Create an irresistible offer Your lead magnet must provide an enticing bid to stand out from the crowd and encourage tourists to convert. Offering a freebie in return for someone's email address is one of the most popular online marketing strategies.
  6. Create content upgrades In return for their email addresses, people will get a content update, which is a bonus piece of content. A standard lead magnet is available to almost all of your site's users, but a content update is only available to those who have read a particular piece of content.
  7. Email automation Email automation workflows allow for in-depth customization and streamlined drip campaigns. Individual contacts or consumer segments may receive customized emails based on their criteria or particular behavior. With only a few taps, you can set up drip campaigns on most email platforms.