How to increase sales, or some people say to do seo optimization, what is this?

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How to increase sales, or some people say to do seo optimization, what is this?

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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a multi-faceted topic, all about improving your rankings in Google's search engine listings (and to a lesser extend, other search engines also).

SEO is not necessarily all about increasing sales, though obviously with more incoming traffic resulting from your SEO efforts, that should ultimately be something that happens.  Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) is all about turning your traffic into paying customers.  You can improve your SEO to gain new traffic, but if that traffic does convert to paying customers, the SEO didn't increase your sales, if you see what I mean?

Therefore you should be looking to focus on both SEO and CRO.  Increase your traffic, and do everything in your power to make the most of that traffic.  Convert as much of it as possible to paying customers.  Many stores don't practice CRO, and waste a lot of their existing traffic.  They often throw more money at advertising, just to increase their traffic which also fails to convert.  In many cases, it would be best to focus on your CRO and improve your conversion rate, before pursuing more traffic.

In any case, SEO and CRO are multi-faceted.  There's a lot of different things you can do (both on-site, and off-site) to improve how the search engines perceive your website, and ultimately it's their perception of your website that impacts your search engine listings.  The topic of SEO and CRO is quite vast, and there are real experts in the field, as well as others who'll take your money for little gain to yourself.  You should be careful when choosing an agency or freelancer, when employing 3rd party SEO/CRO services.  As an example, I've seen many times, agencies which charge a monthly fee to carry out SEO tasks on your website.  When you decide you don't want to pay them anymore, it's in their terms/contract that they can "undo" a lot of that work and remove their articles.  Be careful to avoid that.

That said, you don't need to hire a 3rd party right away.  You can certainly make a good start by yourself and do it in a DIY fashion.  Here's what I advise for this:

  • Keep in mind the age-old mantra that Content is king!
  • Write good, detailed and relevant content on any page you want to rank highly for.
  • Do your best to layout this content in interesting ways.  Nobody wants to see a long wall of text.  Use images / video / spacing to keep your content into interesting little blocks.
  • Keep your keywords on track.  When writing your content, be sure to check that the words you use are relevant to the kind of searches you would like customers to use when finding you.  Check that your keyword density is such that your most important keywords are used more frequently than the other words on the page.  Don't do this in a spammy way.
  • For the above point, I recommend generating a word cloud as a way to easily visualise your keyword density.  With a word cloud, the most commonly used words appear larger in the cloud than other words.  This means you can see very easily what the gist of your page is about.  If you have a page for "Women's Black Leather Boots with Diamontes" then you should ensure these words are screaming at you from the word cloud.
  • For Word Cloud generation, you can use Word Clouds SEO app for Shopify (  This app lets you browse your store in preview mode, and click an overlaid "word clouds SEO" button, which pops up a window showing your generated word cloud, and a list of all your keywords for the page you're on.  More importantly, you can also compare your page keywords with a competitor.  This allows you to check their keyword density against your own, and discover keywords they have used, which you might have missed.
  • Lastly, make sure your page titles (h1 tag typically) contains your keywords.  In the example given above, your leather boots page should have a title that contains "Women's Black Leather Boots with Diamontes" to be most effective.  Page titles should also be unique across your entire store.

Again, content is king so get that right and you're off to a great start.  No agency knows your products better than you do, so write good content, and perhaps employ a 3rd party afterwards to help you turn that content into copy which sells better.

I hope this gives you a good starting point, and remember, SEO is always changing so you're on a never-ending path to improve your listings.

Good luck



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