How to make print on demand work and make money from very small profiit margins

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Hello everybody , 

Can i please ask for advice and help ? Ive had my store all this year , i do struggle as im dyslexic and learning but i haven't sold one thing basically and i just keep battling on , but i dont get it  ? Help Me Please! 

And also are any of stores just print on demand, because if and when i make a sale no money to be made , because i find everyone has their share , how much are people selling printed and demand products for , I REALLY DON'T GET HOW ANYWAY IS EARNING , so i, really would be so grateful for any tips to go a little further , I admit I have so much to learn , but my learning is very slow and patchy,   i nearly quit other week , but i really want to do this and still feel confident about my product,   thank you for your time everyone , best wishes,  Mark Hayes from 

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I think with some brand development, a few website upgrades, and building a community you can boost your conversion rate.

Here's where I would start:

1. Get a professional logo. This is key for building trust in your site + creating a good first impression + helping people remember your brand. I like the brand name, I think you could make a fun branding experience. If you don't have a designer on your team, here's an easy way to get a logo using a design contest:

2. Change your color scheme to standard ecommerce (white background). It's ok to be different, but while you're an unknown brand with a small audience, I would start first with the fundamentals - people are used to a white background when shopping online.

3. Revise your navigation to be standard ecommerce. For example on desktop you have a big gap in the middle of the header, then on the right the links do not work. There's a sidebar with some categories... good for collection pages but for global navigation I would put a horizontal menu in the header.

4. On mobile, there's a lot of unnecessary information in the header, so the user has to scroll down just to interact with the page. I would remove that (those broken links).

5. Create content, build a brand. You have a cool idea, so make your site fun. Create an engaging About page with some personality and put a link to it in the header. People want to know who they're buying from.

6. Make your Add to Cart button stand out. Right now it's camouflaged, blends in with the page. You want your primary call to action button to stand out on the page - make it a different color than anything else on the page.

7. Marketing: Know your audience and target them specifically, and use retargeting ads. If you're not a marketer, I would hire a professional marketer, at least for a consult and to set up some ads and audience targeting.

8. Set up an automated email marketing system to generate repeat buyers and a sense of community. With your brand and products, you can set an email to automatically recommend lateral products 2 - 3 weeks after a user buys. For automated email I like Klaviyo, here's how I use it:

That should give you plenty to start with, and employing those will level up your conversion rate and start to build a community. Good luck!

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Enjoy the adventure!
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Thank you very much for your feedback, that will give me a bit to focus on in the coming weeks,,  perhaps I could ask you to pop back and look in couple of please? I would be very grateful for that and then go from there?  Hope that's not to cheeky,  kind regards

Mark -