How to properly disconnect a printful product from my store?

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Hi all,

I'm currently using printful for my apparel dropshipper.  There will be some products that I will be taking on in-house, so how would I remove the connection to printful without deleting the product entirely from my store?

Is the link between shopify and printful only the unique SKU number?

Thank you,

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Hi leafcask. Did you figure this out in the end? I have the same issue as I want to bring production of some products in house so would be interested to know if you managed it.

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I have just done this, here are the steps I followed:

1. Locate the product + variant in the Printful dashboard, and hit the "v"-shaped down arrow on the right, then click "UnSync".

2. Locate the product + variant in your Shopify admin, and click it to edit. Change the "inventory tracked by" dropdown menu to "Shopify", and check the box beside "track quantity", then click save. The page should refresh and you should see an inventory table, with 0 inventory (edit this as needed).

3. Double check by visiting the product on your storefront - it should be out of stock. You can further check on the Printful dashboard by clicking the "Not synced" tab on the products page.