How to remove catalog from restricted facebook business manager account?

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Hi, guys i am trying to connect a facebook business manager account with f.b marketing app to start advertising, unfortunately one of my business manager account has been restricted due to unknown advertising policy violations by facebook, I opened a case to lift the restrictions from my business manager account, but unfortunately i am not getting any response. The app is not connecting with the another business manager account because the f.b page is owned by the restricted business manager account. i even tried to move the page ownership to another page admin. the error appears (try again later) than i quit.

However, I found a second solution to delete the f.b page from the restricted business manager account, so that i could add the page to the another busniness manager account, when i tried to remove the page, the note appears ( Page is associated with a Commerce Account and cannot be moved. Please disable the Commerce Account first before trying again )

when i went into the commerce account then clicked on commerce manager, there is a shopify catalog, i thought when i'll delete this catalog the commerce account will be disabled than the f.b page will be deleted from the restricted business manager account & i'll be able to move the ownership of the page to the another business manager account, so that i could start advertising with the f.b marketing app, but when i tried to delete the catalog the error appears ( Application does not have permission for this action )

I am stuck with this issue for over a week now, please help me, guide me. i am already late i want to start advertising as soon as possible, as this is the peak time for the advertising, i am suffering a big loss due to this issue & i couldn't find any way to get the help from f.b representative. they have closed the live chat option. they are not responding to my appeal. please help me. i would be very thankful to you.

Looking forward to hear from you.