How to remove extra space on my product page?

I have a couple of extra white space areas on my product pages. I'm using the Debut theme. This white space shows on both mobile and desktop.

The first one is under my Buy It Now button and the second is under my bundle app, right above my product description. This extra white space was there even here before I installed this bundle app so I know it's not because of that. 


Also, I would love to add some type of divider line between the bundle app and product description, perhaps add a header title saying "Description".

While I'm here, I have a "dream product page" I slapped together in photoshop. There are a few things I would LOVE to add to my product pages.

  1. Aside from removing those two extra white spaces shown above
  2. I would love to add a few content blocks with divider lines so I can have a:
    - Our Promise section that stays open (same on all product pages)
    - Description section with a +/- to open/close it (different on all product pages)
    - Shipping & Returns section with a +/- to open/close it (same on all product pages)

Here's what the page would look like with al the sections closed (again, I don't want the Our Promise section to be closable):


Here's what the page would look like with all sections opened:


If anyone can walk me through how to do this, preferably without apps, I would greatly appreciate it. I'm willing to pay for someone to do this for me as well. Thanks so much!! 

Brittany Witt

I found this solution that worked for removing the extra white space:

I still need help with creating some dropdown sections for the product description (different for each product) and a Returns & Shipping section (same for each product page).


Brittany Witt