How to remove "collections" and "products" from URL?

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Hello everyone. I want to make my store`s URLs shorter and more understandable for Google.

Right now it looks like that: domain/collections/category/products/product

I want to remove "collections" and "products" steps from URL to make it just domain/category/product.

Is this possible?

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Hey there,


Unfortunately this is not easy to do. 


Some stores do a complete overhaul of their website by building custom UI/UX that is not dependent on the Shopify out of the box storefront framework. You can build your own routing if you do that, but in the context of the more traditional Shopify store you are restricted to the url structure Shopify provides. 

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Have you solved this I'm looking to do the same
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Same here, as per, he says to restrict the url to 2 folders and try to have a url around 50 characters to improve SEO ranking.  Because of the shopify url structure I have up to 3 folders and reach 56 characters before even typing my product handle. 

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We would also very much like to see this done soon!


We signed up for Shopify long ago without much knowledge of websites, but have grown greatly since and it now seems we have outgrown Shopify.

This slow implementation of an important and such basic URL structuring shows Shopify does not value their community's needs!


I will reluctantly begin looking for alternatives to Shopify. I hope to hear back with an aggressive implementation date from Shopify on this so we can continue to be partners. 


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Has this URL structure or feature been added to remove "products" or collecitons..  I also find it's not very seo friendly and it's creating duplicate urls in the google index for the same product..

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it's creating duplicate urls in the google index for the same product.

It shouldn't be since the page should be adding a canonical url that points to the product page. 

Further reading:

If you think your site isn't adding that then consider posting a store link so the members can take a peek to confirm.


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