How to resize my images for mobile (URGENT)

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The images on mobile site are not align and of different sizes where can i add my coding and what codes should i put ? 


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Please share your site url.
So that i can check and provide you exact solution here.

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Depending on what image you're trying to resize, there are a few different paths you can take:


1. Hot-loading relevant (different) images - This can be done by throwing liquid conditionals around a few different images loaded to your assets. For example, if the current width is that of a mobile device (which you can query inside the liquid conditional) you'd call a specific picture that fits that screen. This approach is a bit heavy on code, and will require physical different images on your theme's assets folder -

2. Hot-changing the image based on the browser's properties - If you pre-define different widths (or heights) that are relevant to different browser properties, you can "hijack" the correct image on the fly. Something like this - - can do the trick, probably. 


See more about both options here:


But most of this is too low-level for most practical, day-to-day solutions. Just drop a link to your site here so we can take a better look.