How to send email/discount code based on response in customer form

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We are using Pagefly pagebuilder and would like to use a customer form with a field to allow someone to add a registration number that they received in a free product sample. We would like to cross reference the sample registration number to a list of approved numbers, and in the event that there is a match, automatically email them a discount code for our store. We don't want to use the discount code directly because we want to have people register their samples so we can track which sample dispensing entities are converting customers most effectively.

As far as I can tell the customer form is only able to collect name, email, and customer note. Is there a way to automatically send an email based on value in customer note? Or even better, is there a field app/plugin that works with pagefly that can give the user direct feedback on whether the registration number was a match to our approved list, or entered it incorrectly? If that was possible, we wouldn't even need an email automatically sent because we could just display the discount in the form feedback area.


Help is much appreciated!