How to separate shopify email from customer contact support email?

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Let's say I have 2 email address:
1) <- This one is connected to the shopify store.
2)  <- This account is the one where I want to correspond with my customers via contact form

I want to keep these two accounts separate to separate concerns.
I want to manage my store with 1st email address and contact with customers with 2nd email address. But based on the menu options (as shown in image attached), it doesn't seem possible.  It says, "Shopify and yours customers will use this imformation to contact you". Does it mean I can only use just one email address for both purposes?

Could someone please help? 

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Shopify Staff (Retired)
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Hey, @iamutkarsht!


Lizzy here, I’m a Shopify support Guru. I'd be happy to help clear this up!


The text on this side of the page refers to the entire section, sort of like an introduction to the area that you can edit!



The Store Contact Email is the one that we will send you emails to and Customer Email is the one that your customers will receive their order confirmations from, as well as any other emails that you send out from your store.


There is a third spot for an email in your Shopify account, and that is under Settings>Account(Plans and Permissions). This email address is the one that you use to log in. It is also the one that you will need to use to verify your account or receive billing related emails. It sounds like you will want to use email #1 for this and the Store Contact Email. Email #2 would be good for the Customer Email field on this page.


Are you setting up contact forms on your website using the built-in Shopify option ? If so, the submissions will automatically be sent to the email address you have in the Customer Email field!


Please don't hesitate to let me know if you have any questions about what I've said here.


Thank you,

Lizzy | Social Care @ Shopify
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Hi Lizzy,

I have a question related to this topic.

I would like to separate the Order email (email account from which Shopify will send all orders related emails) from the Info email (email account that receive email from the Contact Us form).

How can I do it?



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Hi Lizzy,

That's exactly what we'd like to do, and I'm sure we're not alone. I haven't found a way of doing it yet, have you?

Any Shopify gurus out there able to help us with this?