How to set up store to allow local sales ( pick up) for some products and international for others

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Hi There

I am new to Shopify and trying to figure out the best way to configure my store.

We are creating  Print in demand products, using Printify to sell in  Internationally

We are in New Zealand, and also manufacture some products that I wanted to add to my shopify store, these are tiles and too heavy to ship interntionally for small orders.

1)I wanted to have the tiles as collection only. But we take  make to order, and manufacture takes about 4 weeks. Standard in NZ. IS there an option to have this time frame in local pick up showing on my shopify store. 

2)Is there a setting to show this collection only to NZ customers?

3) Or am I better to use a button and place them on our squarespace website with our other custom products that aare not suitable for ecommerce?

4) If I do use a button can I specify collection only?  As you can imagine tiles are heavy, and many people organise collection themselves, we need to know where they are going, if there is a forklift at the other side, etc. 

Or do you think tiles are not suitable for ecommerce and shopify?

Would appreciate some advice