How to show SKU and GTIN on product page

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Hi all,

I am trying to show SKU and GTIN numbers on my product page so they can be found on Google. Can somebody help me?

My website is, I also have different product options meaning it should change when selecting a product but at least searchable by Google.

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Hi @Joeydevries

Your best bet for having Google read your product data correctly, is implementing a JSON-LD, where you can pass that information for the search engines to crawl (and correctly associate with the product). Some themes those built in (where you can add extra data if you need to), while others do not (which means that you'd need to create one, inside the product.template, yourself). 

That being said, {{ variant.sku }} and {{ variant.barcode }}, can be used inside your product page to provide the information you need. Having them refresh when a different product variant is selected would require a bit of JS. 

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