How to show products that arent in any collection

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Hello, is there a way to show products, that arent assigned to any collection? I have been importing a lot of products and im sure I missed few and didn`t put them in a collection. Thank you for the feedback! :-)

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Hi, Ondřej.  

This is Martha from the Shopify Team. 

One option you could enable on your site is an automated collection to catch any products that you've uploaded. For example, you could choose to create a new collection for all products and set the conditions to Product price is greater than $0. See a screenshot here of what that looks like here.

This can then be easily linked to your main navigation (Online Store > Navigation). Click here for basic steps on editing your navigation. You could also add this condition to an existing automated collection, like your All products/ Shop all collection!

I would also suggest taking a look at these tutorials/docs for more information about working with and organizing collections:

If you have any more questions or need some clarification, please feel free to let us know,


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But I get the feeling from the question that you are using manual collections...

I don't believe this is possible out of the box without using any apps.

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I havent been able to find any apps that do this ... Really such an basic functionality and shopify cant do that .. :/

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You won't need to make an app but the API is the best method.

Depending on the amount of products you have, you can just use your theme to generate a list of products. It still needs some development time to write the code but it's not a huge process.

  1. Add all products to a new collection (call it "foo" for example)
  2. Make an alternate template with a layout of none
  3. View the collection using that alternate template (using the view= querystring)
  4. Loop over 1000 products, show products that only exist in the "foo" collection. skip showing those that also exist in others.
  5. If your store has more than 1000 products, adjust the url so it shows page2, 3, 4, etc. Repeat as needed.

For a quick example, take this code that was saved into an alternate template called collection.count.liquid.

{%- layout none -%}
{%- paginate collection.products by 1000 -%}
{%- for product in collection.products %}
{%- if product.collections.size > 3 -%}
{{ shop.url }}/admin/products/{{ }}<br>
{%- endif -%}
{%- endfor -%}
{% endpaginate %}

^ It will loop over 1000 products and show any product that exists in more than 3 collections. I have 1005 products in my test store so when viewing my custom all collection with that template I see this a handful of products. Easy to spot. See the link:

To see the second page:

You could easily mod the code above to change the > 3 to == 1.

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same problem here, after theme switch, many items were cast out of their collections, and I need to search them by hand.

Shopify, you NEED to do something in the products area!