How to show "out of stock" variants?

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Hi, I'm not sure if this is the right board to post my question, if not please direct me to the right board.

I'm trying to create an "out of stock" page so my customers can see what's out right now so that they can pre-order them.

I created a collection called "out of stock", and set my condition to "Inventory stock" = "0".

However... this will lists all the products on that collection page, as long as one of the variants in the product (ex, sz s/m/l and only S is out).

Is it possible for me to show a collection page only for the variants that are out?


Thank you.

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Hello @sesori 

The collection in Shopify will include the product itself, not the variant. I recommend trying the Merchandising rule in this app to exclude available variants from the Preorder collection.

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Hi there, @sesori !

I see your idea of creating a separate collection for Out of Stock products, however, I would like to offer you a following solution.

Using our KAD Pre-Order app you can set for pre-order every out of stock variant and when customers will change the variants on the product page and choose the out of stock variant they will see the "Pre-order" button. You can also check other features and choose the plan depending on what features you'd like to use or how many products you need to set for pre-order. 

Here is the app:

 Let me know your opinion on this one. Will it work for you?