How to start customed tailored clothing business?

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Hi All,


I'm considering starting a business selling graduation style robes online. I know there are many businesses doing this already but I'm hoping to bring in business with a hard marketing hustle.


I don't have any start-up money so I'd like to create a site and then have the gowns made as they are ordered.


I do not want to partner with a medium or large clothing manufacturer as I do not have the capital to pay for an initial order.


I'm not a tailor so I'll need someone to make the gowns for me. I'm looking for input on the best way to do this.


Please provide any input you might have, as well as answer these questions if possible:


  1. In terms of clothing jargon, is it the tailor that would be making the clothing?, or am I looking for someone else with a different job title?
  2. If I partner with someone in the Asia region how would I go about finding such a partner?
  3. If I partner with someone in the Asia region, which country is known for producing good quality clothing at reasonable prices?
  4. In I partner with someone locally (Canada) how would I go about finding such a partner?
  5. What are the pros of partnering with someone in Canada vs someone in the Asia region?
  6. Are there any forums or threads on point for these questions that you could recommend?


All comments are greatly appreciated! Cheers!

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you can find your partner from India where you will get cheap products 

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Nowadays it is being very easy to start Custom Tailoring and Clothing Business.

Here You don't need to invest more amount, just try to get the best and profitable Custom Tailoring Software, then everything will be so easy. Trust me!

Personalized apparel, is a hot emerging trend and customers love to purchase custom-tailored apparel than ready-made apparel. To start a tailoring/clothing business, all you need to have is Online Tailoring Software.

Here you don’t need any capital you just need to integrate this software into your website. Nothing is possible without an online presence. With this online presence, you can easily reach your targeted audience.

Why am I intending you to start this business is every one of us really wants to be unique and elegant to look at. so we used to prefer a different variety of dresses. But unfortunately, we cannot get a perfect fit, at that time we will be searching for the tailor shop to redesign or to do the alteration.

All-time will be no more the same, so the urge of reaching perfect tailor leads to frustration. This is the Reality and these are the things we are facing nowadays and no one can disagree with this too, I hope.