How to stop uploaded Video being downsized

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I want to upload a short product video on the product page, and have it appear next to the list of product images. I am using the Debut theme.


I have uploaded an mp4 video file using the "add media" button on the product page. It is a small video, less than 6Mb. This works somewhat correctly, however when I view it in the site I can see the video is blurry, and of very low quality, compared to my uploaded source.  Looking into it, I can see that the version Shopify displays is only 480 px in height, whereas my original is 700 px. Shopify has clearly processed my video into a lower resolution version.


What is causing this downsizing to occur? I have deliberately made my video filesize small, so it is bandwidth friendly (well within the 20Mb limit for files). Please can someone tell me how to stop this needless downsizing, as it is ruining the experience.


Thanks a lot for your help!