How to store customer additional details in meta fields and show them on account page.

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I am a Shopify developer and have seen a lot of questions asked about how to use meta fields to store additional information of customers and how to retrieve them in the account page.
I know about customer notes but they cant be retrieved on the account page.

I assume that Shopify staff is ignoring these questions so that people can rely on the apps.

But I would like to request all the experienced developers to help me with the syntax that how to get customer data in the meta fields, and how the syntax that how to retrieve this by using customer object/meta fields on the account page. I had a word with some developers and we only know that the way exists to store and retrieve additional information of customers but not aware of the syntax and not able to find an informational source to understand this better.

Also do not suggest any kind of app as I currently do not want to use it.

I am stuck and hoping for help from the community.

Thanks in advance.